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Social media optimization is a rage to enhance awareness about your product or event and is the most apt medium to do so in todayís net savvy world.Social media optimization can be best described as making use of number of social media outlets to evolve publicity about your brand.Social media like Twitter, Facebook are used for this purpose.Its very much similar to search engine optimization in which the aim is to attract people and generate awareness for a website.Thus, SMO refers to use of website and its content with respect to sharing across social media and networking sites.

SMO combines following steps

7 steps To improve SMO

  • Reputation -build your reputation as a reliable qualified source-Reputation is enhanced just by being friendly to people.
  • Engagement -encourage more engagement, sharing and reciprocate-Need to engage with your audience.
  • Authority -become a notable authority in your field of expertise-you can enhance your authority and value through social proofs.
  • Leadership -harness originality and creativity, be a Thought Leader- is about high quality research, thinking and original content production
  • Social -be social, find and engage sociable experts in your field-you need to build high quality networks .
  • Optimization -improve technical aspects to increase optimization
  • Media -know your social media platforms to maximize influence It is important you focus on the right platforms and communities

Therefore, these seven steps are the basis through which you can assess and plan your present SMO activity.

What Customer Says.

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Social media optimization SMO Services

Social media optimization - Social media optimization (SMO) was meant to divert traffic from social media sites such as social network. However, SMO has gained prominence because SMO also improves SEO performance.Social media optimization (SMO) was first used in 2006 by Rohit Bhargava in his article the five rules of social media optimization. Around this time, his main aim was to drive to websites from social sites.This was the central purpose of SMO akin to search engine optimization.

The SMO Shift - The core area of focus in Rohitís article was on portable content and easy bookmarking. This has undegone a change in recent years as social networks too have undergone a change. Search engines took help of social signals to help rank content. SEO took note of the technical structure of websites rather than the user experience or even the quality of content itself. SMO focuses on the quality of the content, the authority of the author and the user experience of interacting with the content and the author. These SMO aspects aid in improving SEO performance as search engines are in need of social signals to aid the ranking of pages.
Social signals may not be as easy as the number of shares or the size of a person's network. For instance, the network size may be not that important than who is in the network and who interacts with a user's content. Social networks have huge data which can be analysed to identify patterns and collective preferences. Learning,by machine , the construction of systems that can derive learning from data, is more and more being applied to this data in order to develop new insights so that search engines use something more complex than just the number of shares.

Warning: More and more use of Link Dropping Is Not SMO - People believe that one way to SMO your content is to join Google Plus community, etc., and to share links to your content seeking shares or comments. But thatís not the fact.. This behavior is not only irritating for other users but can bounce back. Firstly, real users are likely to hide your posts on Google Plus or even report your content as spam. And this situation takes an ugly turn with machine learning.If there is no communication with your posts and links, such as commenting or liking, then this means to any machine trying to learn from the data that your content is not worth it.Therefore, the more you post the more your content may be seen as not unvalued. we focus on specific communities related to target user of our customer and engage with a real audience and authoritative experts.

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